BRAZEN, by Camelia Flores

51UZpSYF6rL__SS140_SH35_This is a book I wrote a couple of years ago, much to the embarrassment of some people dear to me. And yet, it is a story very dear to my heart. It is still for sale on Amazon; this cover is from the paperback version. If you do not understand Bipolar Disorder with extreme psychosis, paranoia, and schizophrenia, then you may not be prepared to read this short book. Your thoughts?


Artwork for Bookcover

book cover Kindle version book cover that I did for author Lilla Blommor’s book Sex Gone Wrong on sale at Amazon.com. Betcha didn’t know I dabble in artwork, huh? The cover is based on a picture I drew while I was living abroad in Guatemala. If you search for the book there, you will see the full color version. Thoughts?