Well, the posts on spirituality will certainly be the most difficult for me.

I cannot imagine a life without intentional spirituality and relationship with the Divine. The problem is that even though I want to be completely honest in this blog, I can’t seem to block out the people whom I know may one day read these things. Why should I care? Because there are soooo many people who think they know what I am, what and in whom I believe, and what my stance is on every issues. How could they think that??? Because I have friends from various spiritual perspectives and religious traditions. Each group assumes that I believe what they do, because I don’t go around bashing others. I am as at home with the born again Christian as I am with the practicing and the nominal Catholic. I admire devout (and Messianic) Jews and have a deep heartfelt appreciation of true Muslims. I am absolutely intrigued by Easter Religious traditions and am eternally grateful to God for bursting my soul wide open by granting me access to the devotional life I always wanted to live. I give people room to be true to their convictions and I would appreciate the same consideration.

I realize that there are people who would call my celebration of others’ beliefs a refusal to “stand up” for anything. But I DO stand up for what I believe. I stand up for it, by trying to actualize it, realize it, BE it. I stand up and on the side of every single thing that is right principally, ethically, morally: NO MATTER WHO PROCLAIMS IT.

I also stand under. I understand that God is sovereign and can choose to manifest through whatever vessel is most pleasing, most conducive, most willing. I have no monopoly on God. I cannot broker God out to people according to my own designs and agenda. I understand that God knows more about humanity than I can ever fathom. It is God who will reward or judge according to God’s own standards of Good.

I also stand over. There are beautiful moments when I am able to rise above the fray and gently laugh at us all. I see how much precious time we waste dogmatizing the minutiae of what we think religion is supposed to look like in practice. We offend the world by trying to proselytize the indifferent. We use propaganda to convince the masses in the hopes of financial prosperity in this changing world. Each sect of each group, whether fundamentalist, liberal, or conservative is convinced of its rightness and righteousness and zealously indoctrinates its adherents into the same mindset. Yes, there are days when this doesn’t depress me. I rise above it, and smile a wry smile, knowing that this will all pass…

I stand out. And that is what makes this section of the blog most difficult for me. I am happy on my spiritual path, even if to others it might seem a little eclectic. I value the traditions that were handed down to me since my birth. I am thankful to know Lord Jesus Christ, son of God. Where would I be without him? I am blessed to have finally come to know my guru, whose teachings I have been struggling to implement over the past decade. I am so grateful to God for finally showing me a path of devotion for which my soul has been thirsting for probably more than 20 years.

I was born and bred on the scriptures of the King James Version of the Bible and I am so glad about it. Meanwhile, I honor sacred texts of other traditions as well. I most certainly believe in one God. How could there be more than one Essence, one Creator, one Cause? Even the question is a waste of time. I do not fight about whether God is Father or Mother. I resist attempts to make God fit into what my limited images of what the Divine can be. (How can Spirit be male of female?!)

There is one “stand” that I DO NOT. When it comes to religion and spirituality, I don’t stand around. I am a person of action and that carries over into my practice. Religion must be done and spirituality must be lived. The divine must be realized and that is my one non-negotiable goal in this life. I have no other real purpose.


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