In spite of the fact that I have several other blogs and writing projects that I maintain, I’ve decided to make myself happy by being true to my Aquarius nature and starting yet ANOTHER project. Hurray for you and for me.

I will call this my personal journey toward a more authentic self. I want to be a better human being in every way. I commit to myself to keep on moving on the path. I commit to you to post regularly and transparently. My other blogs are for the readers…this one is actually for myself. But if you find yourself reading it, feel free to comment! I’m not easily offended and I look forward to help from the community.

I enjoy the contemplative life and all things intuitive. Writing helps me cope with and process all the changes that sometimes seem to overwhelm me. I hope that this particular blog will serve me as a mirror to my own emotions and habits that sometimes hinder me. I will definitely read and refer to other relevant posts that I find helpful or inspiring on this journey.

English: A place to sit and contemplate A benc...

English: A place to sit and contemplate A bench by a path in the Sirhowy Valley Country Park. Photographed on the 90th anniversary of the armistice of 1918. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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