Let’s See What Happens

Weight: 287 (per the scales at Planet Fitness)

I’m not doing very well. But I don’t want to gripe. I hate it when people gripe, especially ME.

Still, I will say that computer problems have prevented me from blogging regularly. I took my computer to Staples and they confirmed that it had a virus. Then, 5 days later (although they said it would be 3 days) I went to get my computer (even  though they said they would call me when it was ready; which they did not). Since I’m griping now, I bet you can guess that in spite of the fact that they said my computer was “cured,” so to speak, IT WAS NOT. I got home and had the same issues as before: pop ups all over the place and freezing screens with automated voices telling me my computer could be infected with malware. Yes, you already know that I took my computer back and asked they do the job they had already charged me $160 to do.

Since I am blogging now, I bet you think that all is well. It’s not. Even though no page froze when I tried to open this one, a new tab did open up by itself and I had to quickly attempt to shut it down before it shut me down. This is crappy. And YES, I will be taking my computer back again.

Meanwhile, I seem to have lost a few more pounds which is sort of cool. Why am I not more excited, you ask. Well, from all the hard work I’ve been doing I swear I would have expected to lose about twice that by now. I feel so discouraged, in fact that I have been at the point of saying the unthinkable, “Forget all of this! God made me this way, and I will be like this until I die.” Well, I haven’t said it yet, I’m just admitting that I’ve been close to it.

FINALLY, I have an upcoming appointment with the Nutritionist again. I have done all the food journaling they expected of me, so hopefully they will approve and release me to have the surgery. When they give the OK, then I will be put on the Optifast Diet for 3 weeks and VOILA! It will be time for my surgery. Well, that is as long as the original guy who gave me the psych eval releases me based on the psychiatrist’s notes from my visits at the Mood Treatment Center. My appointment with the Nutritionist is scheduled for Wednesday, the 15th.

So, let’s see what happens…

4 thoughts on “Let’s See What Happens

  1. I’ve been wondering about you! Glad to see you are doing well. First, I hear you on the computer issues. Mine is currently dead so I update from work. That’s why it took me so long to update after surgery. I was off work for two weeks. Secondly, do not stress over losing a small amount of weight. If we could do it on our own we wouldn’t be having the surgery. You’re gonna do great. So glad to see it coming to a close for you!

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