FINALLY, something goes right!

Today’s visit to the surgeon was like being in a dream!

I arrived 15 minutes early as they request that you do, and I took a number from the fancy kiosk. I never made it to my seat in the waiting area before the automated voice said they were now serving MY number at receptionist area 2. Imagine that! The receptionist got me checked in and I thought I’d take a moment to calm myself in the bathroom. I came right out, but the nurse had apparently already been calling my name while I was in the restroom! She was now waiting on me, holding the door open to escort me to the back area. Since when does anyone get this sort of prompt, efficient service in ANY doctor’s office?

She checked my vitals while we chatted. My blood pressure was a bit elevated, but not enough to scare anyone. She weighed me to see if I weighed what I thought I did. That was a no. And she measured my height to see if I’m still as short as I claim to be. I am. She mentioned the Bipolar thing in my record. I told her that I’d already made an appointment to talk with the people at The Mood Treatment Center. She said the Physician’s Assistant would be in to talk with me and then the doctor himself. All this, and it was only 10:03.

The PA checked my breathing and only gave me a quick look above the navel to see if there was anything that looked weird or anything that might pose some sort of obstructive problem to having the surgery itself. All good there. She mentioned the Bipolar thing. I told her that I’ve already made an appointment to talk with the people at The Mood Treatment Center. (Do these people communicate with each other, or not?) She said that the doctor would be in to chat with me shortly. 10:13.

So, in comes the physician, Dr. Adolfo Fernandez. He had a very comforting presence. And he seemed very comfortable in his own skin. We discussed my medical history, previous medical procedures, weight loss efforts. The wonderful thing is that despite my morbid obesity, I have no co-morbidities. This is a blessing. He mentioned–as I knew he would–the Bipolar thing. FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! I told him that I’ve already made the appointment to talk with the people over at the Mood Treatment Center.

I think he believed that he should make sure that I knew that for my weight loss needs and goals, that I would be better off choosing the more invasive Roux-en-Y Surgery. Yes, I do realize that I could possibly lose another 15-20 pounds more by making that choice. But as far as I can see, I’d also be increasing my risk of death. So, okay, NO. The end. He was satisfied with my responses to everything and my demonstrated knowledge of the various procedures. So, basically, he thinks I’m a good candidate and all he wanted me to do is to sign a vow that says I will not gain even one more pound before my surgery. Okay, okay, I’m being dramatic. It wasn’t called a vow; officially it’s called a Weight Agreement. I feel like an idiot, though. I mean if NOT gaining any weight was as easy as signing a sheet of paper, then I would have signed two thousand papers a year, if necessary! (lol)

Okay, so he wanted to know if I had any more questions for him. Well, heck yeah! How soon can we get this party started? You know, get the show on the road! Well, he knows I’m a teacher and all, so even though it’s rare that patients get to weight loss surgery quicker than about 3 weeks after completing the Nutrition class, HE PUT INTO THE COMPUTER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO ENSURE THAT I GET MY SURGERY BEFORE THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR STARTS! He goes to the beach the 3rd week every August, so he hopes to get me in and out of surgery during the first week of August! Then I would have a couple of weeks to fully recover before getting back to work! Yippeee! Hurray!! Who will celebrate with me?

When all was said and done, including drawing the four vials of blood they need for testing, collecting my co-pay, and telling me to wait on an appointment call for a mammogram, I was on my way out of the door in UNDER AN HOUR. May all your doctor visits go just like this one went for me!

My weight today:  290.5 lbs

My height since the 6th grade:  5’2″ (well, actually 5 feet, 2 and 1/2 inches)

12 thoughts on “FINALLY, something goes right!

  1. Flippin’ awesome! I’m SOOO glad your appointment went so well! I can’t wait to walk through the summer with you while you prepare for surgery! Exciting times!!

    • You are the best cyber-friend a person could have. I think I’m falling in cyber-love with you…whatever that means. Thanks for the support, girl!!!!

  2. So, have you made an appointment to talk with the people at The Mood Treatment Center? LOL Congrats on everything! YAY!!!

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