This One’s Broke!

Broken-heart-15         This One’s Broke

At night, I take my heart out

and look at it.

I curse it for still loving you.

“What’s wrong with you?!” I ask.

And it just keeps on thumping

in spite of the pain.

“Don’t you know better than to hope?!” I ask.

And it just keeps on beating,

in spite of the disappointment.

“You may as well forget the past!” I insist.

But it just keeps on jumping,

in spite of the misery.

“Fool, don’t you realize you are BROKE?!” I scream.

And it just keeps on bleeding

and dreaming, and praying, and believing

even through the hurting.


Every morning I put it back; back in the hollow of my chest.

“There!” I say to it.

“You’re safely tucked in my breast; and no one

     can see that you are broke… if you just be still!

Stop all that racket, skipping with sill notions

     and leaping with hopes.

Doggonit! THAT’S what’s wrong with you now!”

(Tomorrow I’m gonna get a new one.

Because this one is just plain broke.)                                                                              1999



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