Olive Green

                                                      Olive Green

I am14_2[1]

Olive Green:

muted; understated,

but promising.


vibrant and reverberating.

Deep and Seductive.

For refined and sophisticated tastes.


                                                         Pungent, fuzzy and

                                                        I surprise you

                                                         when I bite back.

                                                      I am

                                                        Olive Green:

                                                        unique and confidently so.

                                                         Pleased with myself just for


                                              Reassuring, stabilizing, grounding,


                                                     without being dull.

                                                        Mesmerizing, enigmatic:

                                                     indecipherable to the impatient.

                                                     A Jewel

                                                    for those who

                                                                                                         can wait.                         January 2012


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