Woohoo! Time for the Mental Health Evaluation

Well, I didn’t know quite what to expect when I called to schedule an appointment with Jeffrey Smith, who will be conducting my mental health evaluation. I had to leave a message once I got off work at 3:40, so I didn’t think anyone would be returning my call today. But amazingly, he called me at 7:30 p.m. wanting to know how soon I’d like to come in. “Would Friday at 10 be okay?” WHAT?!

Seriously I thought he would suggest something a couple of weeks out. Well there are two issues. Number one: I already have to take off two different days within the next couple of weeks. One for the appointment with the doctor who will perform the surgery. And the other day is so that I can go to a local school and deliver the commencement address there. Believe me when I tell you that taking off days this close to the end of the school year when students have all these state tests coming up is REALLY frowned upon. I can’t take off yet another day, nor even get a half-day sub so that I can go see another doctor!

When I told him that I really could not come in on Friday, as much as I’d love to–brace yourself for this one–he suggested that I come on Saturday. WHAT?!

Okay, so now for the second issue I mentioned (see above). I kind of hemmed and hawed for a second and then just went ahead and told him that I didn’t feel comfortable scheduling the appointment until I know how much cash I need to have on hand, seeing that payment is due at the time of service. He asked about my insurance, which is Blue Cross Blue Shield, state employees plan. He asked if I’m on the 70/30 or the 80/20 plan, which I couldn’t remember since I never have to use the insurance (thankfully.)

And the good news is…[drum roll, please]…I have to pay $35. You read it right folks, $35. And for the first time since the school year began, I’m really glad to be a teacher. By the way, he suggested that since I know that I’m going to have a surgery, I should get switched to the 80/20 plan. (Can you do that???) And the other news is that the whole evaluation will be over in 2 hours and not in 2 sessions like the letter originally stated. Go figure.

So, in 4 days I go get my head checked out! I’ll keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “Woohoo! Time for the Mental Health Evaluation

    • Thank you so much, Linda! I don’t know what kind of insurance you have, but I hope you won’t pay much either. I have heard from some people that the psych eval is one of the biggest costs that you will fork over. Buena Suerte (good luck) to you too!

  1. See! I told you they aren’t all the same! Aren’t you glad you called!😀 As far as insurance goes… You generally cannot change anything except during open enrollment (unless you get married, have a kid, etc.)… But you can always ask.
    Happy news!!!

    • Thanks dear! And you were so right. About the insurance: what you’re saying is exactly what I was told in the beginning, too; that there must be some “qualifying event.” But believe me, I’ll try anything that will make this transition easier on the pocketbook. Thanks for your support. You’re the bomb!

  2. That is great news and good advice. I knew I was going to have the surgery this year so switched to a richer, less out of pocket plan during Open Enrollment myself. I’m so glad I did.

    • I DIDN’T know until just a month ago that I was certain that I wanted to do this. But I think open enrollment has been closed for a while now. Still, I’m gonna check right away. Just to be sure…Thanks for your support!!

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