I am Beautiful

I am loved. I am beautiful.

Me, at the most I have ever weighed.

Me, at the most I have ever weighed.

I am loved. I am beautiful.

I am loved. I am beautiful.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that no matter what I look like on the outside, that my eternal Self is really okay. And not just “okay,” but radiant, and lovely. And yes, I wish I could do away quickly with everything on the outside that obscures the image of the Divine in me. But alas, here I am, stuck in this earthen vessel that sometimes seems close to cracking! This earthen vessel that gets really dirty and grimy. This earthen vessel that feels as if it has held both the best and the worst of what life can offer.

Today I will be more gentle with myself. I will show myself the grace that I am usually so quick to show others. I will love myself because I am worthy of that love. The real me is beautiful and will one day shine through all this ugliness and pain.


4 thoughts on “I am Beautiful

    • You are entirely too kind! Hey if you and I are already THIS beautiful, can you just imagine what we will look like AFTER the weight-loss?? OMG!!! So excited.

  1. Here is what I think…. The WLS reveals to the world the person you’ve always been on the inside… But so many others have struggled to see.
    I am beautiful. People tell me that all the time… But I know for some people, I am beautiful with “exclusions” or “in spite of.” If that makes. And for others, I am somewhat grotesque. But that’s what makes the world go round, I suppose.
    I am doing WLS for myself. To be healthy and happy for much longer in life… For my boys and my husband as well. A side effect will be that other people will see me as becoming more beautiful or beautiful without “exclusions” or “in spite ofs.” And that’s ok…
    Not everyone has the ability to see someone’s inner beauty. Not everyone can be as perceptive as we have become…
    So yes, you are beautiful. Right now. And after the journey… You won’t be “more” beautiful…. It’s just not possible. But you are giving those with limited sight, the ability to see the YOU that’s been there all along…❤️

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