Elated! Exuberant! Overjoyed!

Can you tell I’m happy?

I JUST GOT THE CALL from my doctor’s scheduler and she has put me down for May 21st at 10:00a.m. for my first consultation with him. I’m freaking ecstatic…or did I say that already? Now I just have to get a substitute for my classes that day, or at least one of my colleagues who has a planning period to check in on my students. Whatever, I’ll worry about that part later.

Okay, so she also scheduled me to go ahead to the nutrition class which she said will last about 2 hours. I can’t take another day off work in order to handle this process, so even though she initially put me down for June 9, we pushed it a few more days out to the 16th, when students will no longer be in school. [Oh, I just thought about the fact that if you’ve never visited my page called Career, then you probably don’t know I teach high school. Sorry about that. Also, if you don’t know that I live down in the North Carolina where we had a lot of winter weather that caused delays, absences, and early dismissals, then you are probably shocked to know that some kids will still be in school here until June 12. Sorry about that, too!]

Hah! I am so hyped. I am actually taking steps. I’m on the journey with the others of you who are already doing this too. Hurray for us!!


7 thoughts on “Elated! Exuberant! Overjoyed!

  1. I’m excited for you! The entire process from class up to surgery day took me 9 months. Just stick to your diet and it may come faster. I struggled through the holiday months. 3 days post-op and my family says I look thinner. I think their crazy because I just feel bloated from it! The pain I have felt so far seems to be worth it. Good luck!

    • 9 months, huh? Well, thanks for letting me know. I had wondered how long all this would take. Tell me more about the pain. Some people are saying that it feels like nothing more than cramps like you get after working out hard in the gym. Help!!

      • sorry, it sent before I was finished. It’s the new change in your stomach that hurts. After they took me off the pain pump I really hurt. Having to swallow pills hurt. Really hurt. If u drink wrong it hurts. Not to mention they make you get all the hydration in yourself. I was so full. I thought really? I can’t add a protein freaking shake! All in all I’m ok. I’m only on acetametophin 3 days out. For the most part I’m just exhausted a lot faster than normal. I’m not really sleepy. I just can’t walk more than a few blocks without resting and I’m weak. I keep dropping things. 2-3 days of pain. . . I think it’s worth not being hungry ALL THE TIME! Just don’t stress. It will all work out.

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