I Couldn’t Wait!

English: Hiking trail Soonwaldsteig

English: Hiking trail Soonwaldsteig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did it. I actually began my new hobby, HIKING, yesterday.

I wrote about it yesterday and my plan was to get up early today in spite of the threat of rain and go out to Salem Lake. But I was so excited that after writing I went right out to a walking trail at Historic Reynolda Village, which is about 7 miles from my house and put my new hiking boots to the test.

The trail is lovely! Anyone can read about the area founded by  Mr. R. J. Reynolds in about 1917; just google it. But I can confirm that the beauty of the place lifts the spirits, just by being there in the midst of so many old and majestic trees. Yesterday’s weather was absolutely perfect for the moderate pace and easy trail conditions. I understand that the whole hike is about 4 miles, but I only saw a very limited portion because my hike was only 30 minutes.  I may have covered about 2 miles or perhaps a little less in that time. Again, this was not rigorous hiking like it would have been in a mountainous region but covering natural terrain and going up several little inclines insured that I was breathing nice and deeply. I had a ball.

Autumn is not quite here yet. There are many fallen leaves and such, but the colors are not at that vibrant peak that I will expect in just a little less than a month from now. The trees made the most wonderful natural canopy and there was an abundance of tiny red berries on green foliage that looked sort of like holly. I noticed a creek bed, but due to our recent lack of rain it was pretty low and there was almost no movement. It was pretty late in the evening when I began; nearly 5:00 p.m. so the only action was that of the squirrels digging and collecting their stashes.

My plan is to go back and finish the other half of the trail. I think that’s pretty good as a beginner. Then I will work my way up to doing the whole 4 miles all at once! I’m so proud of myself I could just burst.


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