My Foray into the World of Hiking

Blue diamond-shaped sign used to designate hik...

Blue diamond-shaped sign used to designate hiking trails in provincial parks in Ontario, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am so hyped I can hardly contain myself!!

In my quest for wellness I have decided to add hiking into my hobbies and activities. I have always loved walking; but I’m talking about serious hiking here, something I’ve never done. We’re talking hiker boots, and trail mix and a backpack and plenty of water. Yes, sir I’m about to step off the asphalt of the par courses in town and hit the terrain where you sometimes have to be careful of your footing.

Am I prepared? Well, I just went out and bought my very first pair of hiking boots TODAY and you’ll never guess where: Walmart! I was planning on going to Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods or one of those Pro Bass Fishing places, if all else failed.  I just thought I’d check out the prices and selection in Walmart when I went in to get a money order at the money center. I never thought I’d walk out with a brand new pair of boots today.  The brand is Ozark Trail. And before you start criticizing me, let me remind you that I’m still completely new to this and it’s very doubtful that I will need some top-of-the-line prohibitively priced boots that I may rarely use.

Where will I go first? Well, I’m so fortunate as to live in a state that is known for it’s amazing places to walk and bike. Looks like the closest thing to me is the Salem Lake Trail. Yes, there’s a chance of rain tomorrow…but I’m gonna risk it. A few scattered showers never hurt anybody! Wish me luck…

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